Sonic The Hedgehog: A History

Sonic the hedgehog, a trademark of the Sega game series is the main character and a protagonist. It has earned its fame not only from the video games but also from a lot of comics, cartoons and even books. The first game of the character was released on 23rd June, 1991. This provided Sega with a mascot and was a competition to the biggest rival at that time, Nintendo's hotshot Mario. Sonic has gained popularity ever since then. In the year 2005, Sonic became one of the first game characters inductees in the Walk of the game, along with Mario. The initial sonic series sold more than 50 million copies.

Created by the artists Naoto Oshima and designed by Hirokazu yasuhara of Japan, the blue skinned as well as blue haired character of the sonic series is played by a 15 year old anthropomorphic hedgehog which also carries an extraordinary ability to run faster than the speed of the sound. It also has some other special features of curling up into a ball, when in a stage of attacking its enemies. This is the most significant and an important part of the game play.

The main plot of sonic the hedgehog begins on our very own planet earth, though there is a contradicting information also which says that al of this is set on the planet Mobius. The creates of the planet are imprisoned by Dr robotnic also known as Dr Egghead, a Evil super genius and the only human in the game. He uses his little critters to build his army of robots, called mainly the badniks which will help him take over the world, but sonic is always there to be a pain in his nose.

The majority of sonic games are in the platforming genre, with a heavy emphasis on speed. The simple controls, creative level designs and gorgeous animations made the original Mega Drive games an instant classics -Sonic 2is sometimes regarded as the best available. The 3D games have usually been criticized for their slower game play and gauche camera angles. Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, the 1st game for the seventh generation, was critically panned and the least rated of the series.

In the start of the series, Sonic was the only good guy character in the game play, but the new and the future releases introduced more new and exciting enemies. In Sonic 2, there was the first appearance of Miles tails' Prower, the two tailed creature and sonic's best friend. Other new additions were Knuckles the Echidna. He was one of the enemy characters in the beginning and later on became a good friend in Sonic and Knuckles which was launched later. Later many more characters were also developed. These included Sonic's self named girlfriend Amy Rose, Shadow the hedgehog which is the ultimate life form and the metal sonic, which is the robotic reincarnation of sonic. In the latest run series of games, there is at least introduction of one new character.